Online bingo has become one of the most popular games with players who love the fast paced, fun and interactive action offered by this great game of chance. Big jackpots have become synonymous with online bingo and some of the amounts won by players have been absolutely phenomenal. This is a brief roundup of some of the biggest ever bingo jackpots that have been paid out to players for being the first to call that magical word of bingo.

Biggest bingo millionaires

John Orchard and his wife Linda are the record holders for the biggest bingo win in the world and in December 2012 they made history when they won £5.9 million after they placed a 30p bet. John and Linda are based in Lincolnshire, England and up until their massive windfall John was still working at the local Jobcentre.

Sixty-year-old John had only been playing for a few days when he hit the jackpot and he could not believe he had won it. He waited a week before resigning as he needed the good news to sink in and become a reality and his wife at first did not believe him. John has traded his Renault Clio in for a Jaguar and him and his wife plan to pay off their mortgage, travel and celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in style.

John’s record breaking win beat that of previous title holder, a Greek player known only as Georgios M, who won £5.1 million in 2009. Georgios’ win had beaten previous record holder Soraya Lowell, who had claimed a jackpot of £1.2 million in 2008 and it seems the new record breaking win will soon be topped as more and more players flock to play huge jackpots bingo games.

A bingo surprise

While John’s win must have come as a surprise, another player who got the biggest shock of her life was Britain’s Lisa Potter. Lisa was fed up with her partner constantly being glued to the Euro 2012 soccer games and started playing online bingo simply to pass the time. The mother of three struck it lucky and won a jackpot of £1.4 million on a £5 bet.

While Lisa’s partner Terry was glued to the TV, Lisa had won herself the entire rollover jackpot in only her second spin. She says she just saw the size of the jackpot and figured it was worth a go and once she realised she had won she could not stop screaming with excitement. Lisa plans to treat her family to a new house and car and spoil them with a luxury holiday.

As bingo becomes more popular than ever, the wins continue to increase and the jackpots grow every day. The biggest bingo winners in the world have experienced just how fast their life can change after a single game and their wins show how it can literally happen to anyone, at any time.

Remember when you play bingo that even the smallest bet can have a huge return so never doubt that you could be the next record breaking bingo winner.

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