If you like playing casino and other cash games online, then bingo?s definitely a game to try. Of all the games you can play for real money, bingo is probably the best value as games are so cheap to play, yet can bring you a life-changing amount of money if you happen to be the first to a full house.

And like the casino sites, most bingo sites such as Costa Bingo, 123 Bingo and Sky Bingo all offer new players a bonus amount of credit when the sign up and make their first deposit. Many of the bingo sites will offer a 500% welcome bonus on a ?5 deposit, which is something that?s definitely worth taking advantage of. ?30 to play with will go a long way on bingo games ?and give you far more in terms of entertainment time than playing with the equivalent amount on slots, roulette or poker.

As well as using the bonus cash, once you?ve made a deposit into a bingo site account, you?ll also find that there are lots of free to enter games to play too. These cost nothing for a player to join in, but still have real cash jackpots attached to them. If you visit Costa Bingo’s online bingo halls, you?ll find that there are four different free bingo rooms. In Fun ?n? Free, Freesy Peasy and Fancy Free, you don?t even need to have made a deposit to play the games on the schedule. And once you?ve become a funded player ? that is, made a deposit into your account ? you can play for bigger cash prizes in the free bingo room, It?s Free Baby.

There are other ways in which you can increase the value that you get out of online bingo games. By choosing to play the less popular games ? such as those that are scheduled for early in the morning ? you reduce the amount of competition that you?re up against. You can?t guarantee that your numbers will come up, but if they do, it?s likely that there will be fewer other winners for you to have to split the prize with.

Then there are the chat games ? small side games that take place in the chat rooms as an additional bit of entertainment while the scheduled games are taking place. Anyone engaged in a chat can join in the chat games, where the prizes include free entries to other bingo games or small cash amounts. These cost you nothing to take part in; so you may as well as it just may help to boost your bingo account.

Look out for new promotions on the site that you choose to play at. There?s always something going on where players can pick up further freebies. At the moment, many sites will be running Advent Calendar promos in the run-up to Christmas ? if there?s a possibility of an extra win just by taking part, you may as well.

Bingo?s the lightest kind of gambling game you can play online ? and there?s plenty of value to be had every time you play it, even if you don?t end up winning the main jackpot!

By Nicky

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